Solar battery and inverter
Solar battery and inverter

The energy of the sun, stored in a cell

The rise in the efficiency of solar panels is matched by the rise in energy storage of solar batteries and inverters. One of the biggest problems regarding the use of solar power is its storage. Availability of the sun is limited to just day. Also, solar panels are not efficient during rainy, cloudy days. Power production peaks only when solar rays are incidental on the panel. There is a peak of production during the day and there is a peak of consumption during the night. This mismatch of supply and demand can only be mended with powerful and efficient batteries.

Which solar battery works best for your solar setup?

The battery is a device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy using a chemical reaction. During storage when an external voltage is applied, these chemicals disintegrate and reverse back to their original chemical form. This process is repeated in every charge and discharge cycle. There can be different types of batteries, but only a few exist commercially, as there are many contributing factors to battery production like cost, charge density, ease of transportation, longevity and usage. There are mainly four types of battery technology that are used with solar power installation.

Solar battery and inverter
  • Lead-acid battery: they are the oldest battery tech still in commercial usage since the 1800s. They are the cheapest energy storage option with their prices considerably lower than that of the rest. They are highly reliable and can be disposed of and recycled easily. Lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance, otherwise, there is a chance of leakage from the battery. They require ventilation so cannot be stored in dim airflow less room. Lead-acid batteries have to be recharged regularly as they have a low depth of discharge. They have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. Due to its reliability, they are best used for backup storage in case of power shortage in critical units. They are also used in off-grid systems.

  • Lithium-ion batteries: they are the most popular batteries in the solar power market. Almost all the residential solar units use lithium-ion batteries for their storage needs. With higher energy density a small battery can store way more electricity in a small battery. Lithium-ion batteries are almost maintenance-free and come with a standard warranty of over 10 years. Li-ion batteries have a higher depth of discharge which contributes towards a longer life. Li-ion batteries have a slight chance of catching fire under improper care. But with proper maintenance, the chance of any mishap reduces to zero. These are best for residential usage.

  • Nickel Cadmium (NI-Cd) batteries are not widely used like Li-ion or lead-acid but they are known for their energy density. They are durable and are known to work efficiently at high temperature. They are maintenance-free and doesn't require any complex battery management system. Ni-Cd batteries are used in the airline industry due to low chances of catching fire and high energy density.

Battery and inverter installation by us

  • Grand agency works with the leading battery and inverter manufacturers to bring you the best of technology at affordable pricing. Our distribution channel for leading brands like Luminous, Amaron and Exide provides the most reliable battery which can extend service to decades.

  • We provide consultation regarding the power requirement and battery capacity required to maintain it. This ensures that you choose the most optimum battery for your current and future needs.

  • All the batteries and inverters provided are covered under the warranty provided by the manufacturer. In case of any malfunction, our assistance will visit the installation and do the necessary.

  • On phone assistance regarding the batteries and inverter are available to clarify a doubt about usage and maintenance.

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