solar panel
solar panel

Lighting the future generation with sunlight

Everything on earth is powered by the sun in one form or the other. Be it wind, million-year-old coal or other forms of fossil fuel. Thanks to human ingenuity, the invention of solar panels has cut short the need for extracting the energy of the sun stored in those fossil fuels. Why go all the way around when you can directly harness the power of the sun. Solar panels are a reliable source of energy, which is effective and cost-efficient. Solar panels can be termed as a single biggest armament against the extinction of the human race from the face of the earth. Panels can convert the heat energy of the sun directly into electricity. Electricity unlike other forms of energy like coal or crude oil is much cheaper and efficient to transport and infrastructure needed for transportation is already available.

Are all solar panels the same? which one to choose from?

For the layman, solar panels are just solar panels which convert sunlight to electricity but if you dive deep into it solar panels differ widely. Solar panels are a marvel of evolving technology. Each iteration or change in the use of material used in panels can widely impact the use and characteristics of solar panels.

solar panel
  • Monocrystalline solar panels (Mono- Si): Mono Si panels are built from the purest form of the silicon. They have higher power output and occupy less space. It is easily recognizable due to its uniform dark colour and rounded edges. They have high power output with an efficiency of 20%. This is the most expensive of all and is widely used in commercial scales since it lasts the longest. Mono-Si panels are not affected by high temperature compared to that of poly-Si.

  • Polycrystalline solar panels (p-Si): Easily recognizable with their blue speckled form, p-Si panels are made by melting raw silicon. This is a much faster and cheaper process of making silicon panels. This is cheaper to procure, has lower efficiency of 15%, has more space requirement and a shorter lifespan. Use of a p-Si solar panel depends on it’s the purpose, where it is built etc. p-Si panels provide lower efficiency compared to that of the Mono-Si panel at a lower price.

  • Thin-film solar cells (TFSC): As the name suggests, these solar panels are thin. They are made by placing layers of photovoltaic materials like silicon, cadmium and copper. They are easiest to produce and cheaper than rest, less material is needed to build. They are flexible which makes it easier to wrap around structures like pillars and an arched roof. On the downside they can take up a large space for producing equal units of electricity hence cannot be used in a residential installation. They have the shortest warranty for all the solar panels.

  • Amorphous silicon solar panels (A-Si): A-Si panels use tripled layered technology which can produce the thinnest form of solar panel, less than 1 micrometre thick. They are widely seen in calculators and watches. They have an efficiency of less than 7% and are extremely cheap to build. Both A-Si panels and TFSC panels are second-generation panels.

  • Future panels: Biohybrid, Cadmium Telluride solar cell (CdTe) and Concentrated PV Cell (CVP and HCVP) are the future generations of the solar voltaic cell. Most of them are still at their research stage. They have shown high efficiency and power output at laboratory conditions. Most of them are still to be used on a commercial scale.

Grand Agency provides power-efficient, high-quality solar panels from reputed brands all around India. Our dedicated staff will help you in choosing the best type of solar panel for installation considering all the factors like cost, energy requirement, type of installation, lifetime cost and break-even time. Our staff replaces or services (according to the warranty) your panel in case of contingency. We are just a phone call away for all the query you have on your installed solar panels.

With over a decade of experience in solar panel installation, our customers from all walks of life are close to our hearts. We feel proud to escort them to their green journey towards sustainability.

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