Solar water heater
Solar water heater

Real hot shower, the way nature intended.

Your family member's daily hot shower can have more carbon footprint than you imagine. Hot bubble bath at the end of a tiresome day can be rewarding but it’s extremely punishing in nature if the energy of your hot shower doesn’t come from a renewable source. The solar water heater uses solar energy for heating water. It does not convert heat into electricity and sources it heats the water. Instead, it uses the heat from the sun, using a system called a solar collector and directly heats the water in contact with it. Solar collectors are fitted on the roof either flat or pitched where they can receive maximum sunlight and heat. The best possible place for installing a solar water heater should be the place with maximum exposure for the sun. a heater or immersion heater can be installed in places where the temperature requirement is more.

Which type of solar water heater should you go for?

There are mainly two types of solar water heater, both of them are equally efficient but only differ in their aesthetics.

  • Evacuated tubes have vacuum tubes fixed into the roofs.

  • Flat plate collectors have hot water solar panels with flat glazing, mounted on top of a roof.

Both of the visually different works on almost the same principle i.e. heat exchange. These heat collectors are connected to hot water cylinders using insulated pipes. cold water from the bottom cylinder is pumped through the collector, which heats the water and it subsequently sent to hot water storage on top of the house or building.

Solar water heater

Why do our customers love solar water heaters?

  • A solar water heater can provide hot water all day long throughout the year.

  • Your electricity bill will take a dip which we all love.

  • Solar water heater world well with your existing setup of plumbing with any design change.

  • Solar water heating is low maintenance and has a high durability with warranties by leading installers extending up to 10 years.

  • This will help you in reducing your carbon footprint and help you with your sustainability goals.

Services provided by Grand Agency

  • Clean and tidy installation of solar water heater and linking it with the existing plumbing unit.

  • Consultation and cost analysis benefit of using solar water heaters.

  • Estimating the break-even period of the project and project viability.

  • Phone consultation with our staff for queries for all the necessary information.

  • Site visitation by our staff incases of any contingency.

  • Extended warranty for the service and quality assurance.

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